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2a. Designing Your Pond - Edging

Before you begin digging or ordering your garden products, it is very important to consider the design of your pond. First, decide the location of your pond and the maximum area it will occupy. Then do some simple sketches of the cross section of the pond. It is important to consider what type of edging you want and what kinds, if any, water features. Use the illustrations on the following pages for edging ideas, waterfalls, and construction of the pond to decide what configuration will best suit your needs and will make you happy for a long time. After you have made these decisions
then decide what liner you should purchase.

2a. Edging Your Pond
The edging you select for the margin of your pond will greatly affect its appearance as well as its functionality. With thoughtful consideration of your edging you can achieve a variety of visual affects and meet the requirements of your specific fish and plants. We have provided several edging ideas that have worked very effectively for us. These cross-sections illustrate a variety of functional and aesthetic considerations that may help you in the design and construction of your pond. The natural terrain of your site may be well suited for one of these edgings or the incorporation of several ideas.
grass edging with drainage area
liner constructed waterfall
partially raised edging
raised pond with earth support
edging with bog area
sink hole & shelves for bog plants
gravel beach with optional support
raised above ground

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