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20. Finishing Touches
Nets and Netting
Pond Netting Pond Nets
Keep falling leaves and other debris out of your pond. Protect valuable goldfish and Koi from cats, birds and other predators. Easy to use. 7' x 10', 14` x 14', 28' x 28'. Strong aluminum nets for handling Koi and goldfish. Longer handles facilitate capture. Unique construction eliminates abuse from rocks and other potentially harmful objects in the pond. The 1/8" nylon netting is knotless and is gentle on scales and eyes. These quality nets range in net size from 9x6" to 16x15" with handles from 3' to telescoping models to 12'.
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Low voltage outdoor lighting for the discriminating homeowner. Nothing says quality and beauty like these fixtures and accessories. From transformers, fixtures to bulbs, Nightsscaping products add a unique beauty and distinction to your home and gardens. Create a magical nightscape that enlivens your home and property even at night!
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Tub Gardens & Small Water Features
These attractive containers are great for outdoor patios and sunrooms alike. In sizes from 30 to 150 gallons, can accommodate filters, fish, small spitting fountains and plants for the perfect miniature water garden.

Bubbling fountains are another great addition to either indoor or outdoor living areas. They can be incorported into a pond design or left free-standing on a terrace or patio.

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  Our line of spitting figures adds interest and personality to your finished water garden. All our statuary can be operated off the main pump or by smaller individual pumps hidden in rock or the landscape. Many beautiful pieces to chose from in a range of materials from stone, resin and brass.
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Floating pond de-icer prevents small area of pond surface from freezing over. Ideal for 50-600 gallon ponds. Automatic operation activates at water temperatures between 32 and 35 degrees F. Enclosed heating element for safety. 1,250 watts.

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