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18. Feeding Your Pond Fish - Nutrition Schedule
Good nutrition is essential for a healthy, sound and active population of pond fish. The pond fish available today are far removed from their carp ancestors, and though generally still very hardy, your pond animals require careful observation, good husbandry habits, excellent water quality and only the best foods. From their foods, fish absorb proteins, fats, carbohydrates and many other nutrients that build strong bones and muscles, sound organs, good slime coats, and healthy immune systems. Much research is conducted around the world, particularly among the top breeders of show-quality golfish and koi, to produce high quality foods. Properly fed and well filled out fish are much more likely to survive an outbreak of disease than fish fed inferior foods.

Observe fish carefully for nutritional status. Pinched in bellies, large heads relative to the rest of the body, low activity levels, and washed out color may indicate nutrition problems.

Nutrition Schedule

Fluctuations in temperature in the spring season cause fluctuations in fishes' metabolism. These fluctuations lead to digestive problems and you should avoid feeding diets containing high protein. We recommend:
OSI Wheat Germ Pellets
OSI Spirulina Flake
AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium

Since this is their active growth season, fish will eat much more. Be careful not to overfeed - goldfish and Koi tend to overeat. However, a wide variety of foods should be fed for added nutrition. This is the time to feed a high quality food rich in protein and color enhancing characteristics. We recommend:
OSI Koi Staple
AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium

Spawning Season
Most fish just before and just after spawning will have heightened appetites and a normal diet will be adequate. During the spawning period appetites will drop off significantly. We recommend:
OSI Koi Staple
San Francisco Freeze Dried Krill
AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium

In early autumn, gradually reduce protein intake. As water temperature drops reduce feeding. We recommend feeding
OSI Wheat Germ Pellets

If you have followed the schedule above, your fish will be ready to overwinter till the coming spring. When water temperatures cool to 45 degrees, cease feeding and the estivation will begin.
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