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February 18, 2020
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Your Query Find 'algae' in the short description, search key, Item No., Category or SubCategory field
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  HyperClear Freshwater 12oz   SIC540 12.99

  Algone Nutrient & Algae Control 6 pouches   ALG1000 8.49
Algone Corp

  Algone Nutrient & Algae Control for Lg Aquariums & Sm Ponds 6 pouches   ALG1001 12.99
Algone Corp

  AquaLife Barley Extract 1 Gallon   AL8344 49.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Barley Extract 16 oz   AL8328 13.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Barley Extract 32 oz   AL8350 24.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Barley Straw Bales 2 pack   AL125 9.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Pleco Discs 4 oz   AL190 9.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Rock & Waterfall Cleaner 1.65 lbs   AL8340 17.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Sludge Cleaner Plus Pond Sludge and Odor Eliminator 5 oz   AL316 14.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Sludge Pond Cleaner Pro 1 lb   AL8355 29.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  Algae Treater - 250 ml   AZ238 12.49

  Brush Algae Killer - 15 ml   AZ235 16.49

  Green Water Remover - 250 ml   AZ117 11.99

  Chemi-Clean 2g   BE490 15.99
Boyd Enterprises

  Chemi-Clean 6g   BE491 34.95
Boyd Enterprises

  RedoxIclean 250ml   BT431 4.70
Brightwell Aquatics

  RedoxIclean 2L **   BT432 15.99
Brightwell Aquatics

  Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 1 gallon Treats 45,000gal EL112 95.99
Ecological Laboratories

  Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 16oz Treats 5678gal   EL110 17.99
Ecological Laboratories

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