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July 17, 2018
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Your Query Manufacturer's name is Poly-Bio Marine
No. of Results 11
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  Poly Filter 12x12   PBM488 41.39
Poly-Bio Marine

  Poly Filter 4x8   PBM489 10.91
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il 14gpm media. Replacement Filter Media set (3 piece) PBM491 642.85
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il CB-0.50 Carbon Filter 0.50 Micron for 14gpm Unit PBM495 263.35
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il Pina-1 Molecular Absorption Discs (wet) 12pk for 3.8gpm Unit PBM497 45.99
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il PMA-50 4 PolyFilter Discs 30pk for 14gpm Unit PBM494 241.50
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il PSM-50 0.20 Micron Prewet Sterile Filter Bag for 14gpm Unit PBM493 194.35
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il Replacement Media for 3.8gpm Unit 3 piece Set PBM496 171.35
Poly-Bio Marine

  Special Phosphate, Silicate, Fluoride, & Arsenic Sorbent Medium 5lb Bag PBM479 102.35
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il 14gpm System PBM490 1380.00
Poly-Bio Marine

  Kold Ster-il 3.8gpm System PBM492 458.85
Poly-Bio Marine

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