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April 28, 2017
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
P1000 Pkg #1 w/ Siphon Box & Pump AL2901 320.00
Aquarium Life Support Systems

P1000 Pkg #3 RR Filter w/ Skimmer & Pump
for Reef Ready Hookup
AL2903 366.00
Aquarium Life Support Systems

S1500RR Berlin Filter, 3/4 Tubing, No Return, & Dual Sock Filter AL1003 319.00
Aquarium Life Support Systems

UP1700RR Filter w/ Media, 3/4 Tubing, & No Return AL2919 325.50
Aquarium Life Support Systems

30 4-Lamp T5 HO & Lunar Fixture AF122 222.90
Aquatic Life

Grande Chemi-pure Elite 46.96oz 4 Units per Jar   BE496 49.99
Boyd Enterprises

Alkalin8.3 250ml/ 8.5oz Liquid pH Buffer & Alkalinity Builder   BT100 7.99
Brightwell Aquatics

Alkalin8.3 2Liter/ 67.6oz Liquid pH Buffer & Alkalinity(KH) Builder*   BT410 20.00
Brightwell Aquatics

Alkalin8.3 500ml/ 17oz Liquid pH Buffer & Alkalinity Builder   BT101 10.99
Brightwell Aquatics

Alkalin8.3-P 500g/ 1.1lbs Dry pH Buffer & Alkalinity (KH) Builder   BT187 9.15
Brightwell Aquatics

AminOmega 60ml/ 2oz HUFA Omega 3/6 Supplement for Fish   BT262 10.99
Brightwell Aquatics

BlackWater Conditioner 250ml/ 8.5oz   BT386 7.99
Brightwell Aquatics

Calcion 250 ml/ 8.5oz Liquid Calcium Supplement   BT104 9.49
Brightwell Aquatics

Calcion 2L/ 67.7oz Liquid Calcium Supplement   BT409 27.55
Brightwell Aquatics

Calcion 500ml/ 17oz Liquid Calcium Supplement   BT105 14.49
Brightwell Aquatics

Calcion-P 200g/ 7.1oz Dry Calcium Supplement*   BT191 11.99
Brightwell Aquatics

Calcion-P 400g/ 14.1oz Dry Calcium Supplement*   BT192 18.99
Brightwell Aquatics

CichlidCode 250ml/ 8.5oz Trace Mineral Supplement for African Cichlids   BT391 7.99
Brightwell Aquatics

CoralAmino 125ml/ 4oz Free Form Amino Acid Supplement for Corals   BT415 23.39
Brightwell Aquatics

CoralAmino 60ml 2oz Free Form Amino Acid Supplement for Corals   BT267 24.99
Brightwell Aquatics

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